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The braided half-ponytail
The braided half-ponytail
The braided half-ponytail

The braided half-ponytail

Blake Lively, our favourite Gossip Girl, was spotted wearing the braided half-ponytail last summer. Many of you have been giving it ago. New versions of this style are back this season, hair still left down for a chic and bohemian look. Try it!
Centre parting. The one being seen on all heads this summer is the braided half-ponytail with a centre parting. Easy to create, it can be worn on mid-length and long hair. Start by drawing your centre parting using a comb. Use your nose as your point of reference. Next, take a section of hair from each side, making sure each section is the same size. You decide on the thickness, depending on how chunky you want your braid to be. Now create a classic 3-strand plait in each section of hair, securing at the end with a hairband. Finally, gather your two braids at the back of your hair and secure with hairpins.
Half-ponytail with braid. To get Blake Lively‘s style, take a section of hair from the front and pull it to the back of your head. But instead of simply tying it up in a low ponytail, braid it from the middle of your head. Secure with a hooked hairband. Keep it loose though for a trendy, slightly messy look. When seen from the front, it looks like a standard half-ponytail. But when seen from the back, your style has that hidden extra!
Side parting. Draw a clean side parting using a comb and slightly backcomb the thicker side. Always starting from this side, select a thin section of hair and braid it from the roots to the mid-length. Next, pull it backwards, carefully following the shape of your head. Select a piece of hair of the same thickness from the other side and simply bring it to the back of your neck. Join the two sections together and secure with a hairpin.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO