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Streetstyle: should you dare to try the bowl cut?

The editing team love our Streetstyle model of the day’s look with her urban, modern and elegant style. Not forgetting her delightful boyish and daring haircut which makes us all want to copy her! We take a closer look…

A bowl cut for a distinctive style

Our model of the day has a 100% feminine bowl cut , combined with a side-swept front section which is thick, curved and fully covers her forehead. It creates a bubble effect, framing her face. A great idea for her length of hair and perfect for varying your hairstyle on a daily basis.

The result? A short haircut in a boyish style which is just as elegant. For hair colouring, she has opted for platinum blonde ! An on trend rock colour which goes perfectly with her pale complexion, illuminating it in an ideal way.

An ethnic-chic look, very in vogue this season

As for style, she is wearing a jumper and a pencil skirt, both in brown tones and wax print inspired (an African fabric characterised by geometric prints). Her combination of patterns? A daring choice which works really well as both patterns are quite similar. Furthermore, her outfit perfectly highlights her slim figure. She particularly focuses attention on her slender legs. Her urban and sophisticated style is boosted by her blue high heels, livening up the whole look!

Bling-bling coloured accessories

Once again she has blown us away! She has opted for a printed python skin clutch bag which matches her array of golden necklaces. Her bracelets and sunglasses go perfectly with her heels, without going too far. The small detail which makes all the difference? Her electric blue nail varnish which dresses up her hands in an on trend way, above all showing us she really has thought of everything!

Our advice

If you have fallen in love with platinum blonde, consider maintaining it with treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair . The must-have products? Those from the Color Therapy range. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with Intense Color Shampoo. Finally, every fortnight, use the golden colour booster: the all new Jean Louis David treatment for reviving your colour’s radiant shine .

This article inspired you?

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