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Same model, different hairstyles
Same model, different hairstyles
Same model, different hairstyles
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Same model, different hairstyles

Fashion week not only sets the latest fashion and beauty trends, but can also launch the careers of the best models of the moment. Sometimes, one single model can appear on a dozen different catwalk shows. Who are we talking about ? French model Aymeline Valade, who is currently one of fashion’s most sought-after models. Let’s take a look at her best hairstyles so far…
Who is Aymeline Valade? At just 29 years old, the young model, originally from Montpellier, has already graced the catwalks and pages of the most esteemed magazines in fashion. She's already been photographed for Vogue’s abroad editions and walked the Chanel runway…nothing is stopping this girl! Especially not the hours of waiting around to get make-up and hair done before strutting her stuff in front of the fashion elite. But, when it comes to her hairstyles, what have been her most popular styles to date ?
The beehive. Fans of the 60s era will love this style! Hairstyles from the Brigitte Bardot era are making a comeback. To copy Aymeline Valade’s hairstyle seen on the Derek Lam runway, you will need to master the art of backcombing! On damp hair, apply a golf-ball sized amount of hair mousse to give your hair volume. Dry your hair upside down and backcomb section by section, spraying each one with hairspray. This style is quite tricky to create, but is a glamourous and feminine look which can be worn day-to-day.
The Heidi plait. With this style, it’s more of a bohemian look that you should be aiming to create. To make this style, your hair needs to be fairly long. Pull the front section of your hair forward, creating a horizontal parting, then tie the back section of your hair out of the way. The front section now needs to be plaited carefully from one ear to the other. Tie the plait down near the base of your neck and let the rest of your hair from the back section flow loose. This style is a must-have look for winter.
© Pixelformula / Derek Lam prêt-à-porter runway, A/W 2012-2013 et  Emilio Pucci prêt-à-porter runway, A/W 2012-2013 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO