My hair got caught in a downpour: 3 tips on how to save my look

Were you caught in the rain, leaving your hair drenched? Here are three easy ways to re-style your locks and keep your hair looking fabulous despite the bad weather.

1. Dry your hair: the ideal solution

Rest assured, there is no need to shampoo your hair, the rain does not dirty your locks and it can even add to its shine! It is actually your scalp which becomes a worry with this excess moisture as it is an environment conducive to greasy roots and dandruff. So whatever you do, don’t leave your hair to drip or go frizzy or let your sleek blow-dried style puff out and go fluffy – your hair is liable to look unkempt. To clear up the mess caused by this natural shower is not rocket science: simply dry your hair as quickly as possible! The blast of the hair dryer is of course the best way to get your blow-dried style back in shape but if you do not have one available, blot your locks as best you can with fabric or a tissue.

2. Apply serum to control frizz

Is your hair damp but not catastrophically so? Always carry a small bottle of leave-in hydrating treatment such as Jean Louis David’s Nutri Serum. Popped into your handbag, always within easy reach, this SOS treatment will be your best ally for quick touch-ups in case of showers. Spread out a few drops of the product in your locks to coat rebellious strands, tame frizz and prevent your hair from going fluffy. This hydration boost will even be effective on thick hair!

3. Put your hair up if it is soaked

Is your hair is soaked in rain water just ahead of a meeting? Whether you prefer hairbands or barrettes, use your favourite spare hair accessory that you always have on you to create an emergency life-saving hairstyle. Even if you have a brush in your bag, never attempt to detangle hair while it is wet as it will get damaged. Instead, blot it with a tissue to prevent the ends from dripping. Then, tie back your hair in a low ponytail to make it look more presentable. This is the easiest look to create, as once wet, your hair is heavier and harder to style. Smooth down the strands at the front with your hands for a perfect result. Do not overly tighten your ponytail, so as not to make your hair brittle. Hey presto, your hairstyle is saved!

A piece of advice for next time: pack an umbrella!

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