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Do not brush your hair when it's wet, it will damage it!
Do not brush your hair when it's wet, it will damage it!
Do not brush your hair when it's wet, it will damage it!
Damaged hair

Why shouldn't you brush wet hair?


Have you got into the habit of brushing your hair immediately after washing? Find out why this is not as good an idea as it may seem.

Wet hair is very fragile

Water loosens and lifts the keratin cuticles protecting the hair shaft, thus weakening the protective barrier formed around the hair. The hair fibre becomes porous and more sensitive to external damaging factors. When damp, the hair is much more vulnerable and has a tendency to break easily when brushed. That's why you shouldn't brush your locks when they are still wet, as you may cause some damage.

A good tip. Wait until your hair is properly dry to use a brush it. To do this, squeeze out your hair when you get out of the shower by dabbing it gently on a towel. Do not wrap it up turban style, as this could cause damage and additional knots to form. Leave your hair to dry and then preferably use a hairbrush with soft natural hog's hair bristles, which are extremely gentle on your locks.

To detangle wet hair without causing damage

Are you short on time, and have no choice but to detangle your hair just after washing? In the shower, generously apply conditioner and then leave the product to work for 2 to 3 minutes before using a wide-tooth comb to limit tangles and to easily get rid of any knots without pulling on them. This kind of comb is less damaging to your hair than a brush.

A good tip. Always start by gently detangling the tips, then work your way up gradually towards the roots before rinsing thoroughly.

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