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I’ve tested nutri serum
I’ve tested nutri serum
Hair care

I’ve tested nutri serum

The surging popularity of serums has made me want to give them a go. But there are so many out there, it’s hard to know which serum to choose for your hair. Jean Louis David offers nutri serum. A serum to make styling easier by eliminating frizz and leaving hair nice and shiny. I gave it a go...
My frizz can be an absolute nightmare, and is often a characteristic of dry hair. After each wash, I apply a nourishing hair mask, which I leave on for ten minutes or so, to give it time to soak in. This reduces frizz, but doesn’t make it disappear altogether.
So I use nutri serum to finish the job! I pour a small amount of product into my hands and rub them together to warm it up. I then apply it to damp hair, focussing on the ends. Then I move on to blow-drying and styling my hair. The results are instant. My frizz has vanished. I know that it will never be gone for good, but at least I can rest assured that my hair will be neat and tidy for the rest of the day.
Nutri serum is also great for adding shine. Because my hair is more disciplined, it is also a lot silkier. Its natural shine is restored for a perfect result.
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