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Styling products for glossy hair
Styling products for glossy hair

Styling products for glossy hair

Dull and damaged hair does very little for you. You’ve always dreamed of having soft, silky and healthy hair that is full of life. And though you’ve tried everything to get there, a few rebellious strands refuse to play along. Here’s our professional advice on how to get immaculate hair whatever the circumstance!
Hydrated hair. Frizz starts to appear when hair is dry and lacks vitality. This kind of rebellious hair is often an issue with frizzy or curly hair types, and as such it is more difficult to get rid of for good. But there are some tips that could help you get them under control in the short term. “One thing which affects everyone is a lack of hydration. Use nourishing treatments, shampoos and masks to get your hair looking shiny again. To get the best results from your hydrating treatments, alternate with another shampoo designed specifically for your hair type.”
Restructured hair. If the surface of your hair is damaged or weak, it will no longer reflect the light. “So you need to restore your hair’s protective film, which has been damaged over time, using restructuring treatments that work directly within the hair’s fibre.” Keratin is the perfect ingredient to rescue your hair for a silky touch and a shiny result. Your hair will be left regenerated, healthier and softer.
Styling. For glossy, reflective hair, blow-drying is the way to go. “The heat-smoothing action leaves your hair’s fibre perfectly straightened and locks in the cuticles, resulting in shiny hair! To make the effects of your blow-dry last, spray hairspray onto a comb and use it to style your hair. A technique which will also get rid of frizz.
Our tip: For a quick fix, use leave-in treatments. When used correctly, these products will restore shine. Serums and dual-phase treatments should be used, preferably on damp hair for even more spectacular results.
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