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How to get that just-left-the-salon blow-dry?
How to get that just-left-the-salon blow-dry?

How to get that just-left-the-salon blow-dry?

To get sleek straight hair, straightening irons are not your only friend. You can achieve the same result with just a brush and a hair dryer. Here’s how to blow-dry your hair like a professional.
Obviously, you are going to need a hair dryer! Then you are free to choose your tools. Round brush or flat brush? Either will work!
The round brush is usually the favourite for achieving a perfect blow-dry. Start by blasting the excess water off your hair. Next, separate your hair into sections using clips. “Always start with the hair underneath.” Now start blow-drying your hair. ”The brush should move parallel to the hair dryer, following it from the roots to the ends.”
If blow-drying your hair using a flat brush, start by blasting off your hair all over. “When it is almost dry, achieve super straight hair ‘Mexican style’ by working from the root and pulling down to the ends.” This is a very effective technique that gives a natural result. It involves pulling your hair round the side of your head piece by piece. “The hair dryer must always follow the flat brush in a back and forth movement. Concentrate more heat on the ends as you go if you want to curl the hair under slightly.”
For a blow-dry that lasts, rain or shine, spray a small amount of hairspray onto a comb and brush it through your hair. Repeat this on the top of your hair to complete your style and eliminate frizz.
Our tip: It is important to prep your hair before blow-drying. To do this, use nourishing products to strengthen your hair. Once you have washed and dried your hair, apply a smoothing cream (link to Brush Cream) to enhance the blow-dry and protect your hair from the heat.

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