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Choosing the right hair mask
Choosing the right hair mask
Choosing the right hair mask
Hair care

Choosing the right hair mask

Hair masks are essential for healthy, well-maintained hair. To get the best results from your hair mask, you need to know how to choose it and how to use it. Here’s our advice on choosing a mask that is suited to your needs.
Dry, greasy, coloured, curly and fine hair all requires different types of mask. “Each hair type or condition needs specially-designed products. So make sure you know your hair type so you can give it the treatment it needs.”
Masks for coloured hair. Coloured hair, especially if it is dry, needs to be deeply nourished and have that healthy glow preserved for as long as possible. “It’s best to go for a mask designed for coloured hair so that the colour fades as little as possible. But you can also use a mask for dry hair if you have one to hand! Concentrate on the ends, which tend to dry out more quickly than the rest of your hair.”
Masks for dry, frizzy and curly hair. These hair types suffer from a lack of hydration. Shampoos for dry hair are the first thing you should think about, but a nourishing mask should also be used. “For a deep-acting result, leave the mask on for ten minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair.” Also use keratin-based masks. These are particularly effective as a long-lasting nourishing treatment.
Masks for greasy hair. If your hair tends to go greasy quickly, use green clay masks. “If it’s your roots that tend to go greasy quickly, you can use masks as long as you don’t apply them to your roots. Opt for a mask specially-designed for mid-lengths and ends.”
Masks for fine hair. Masks can often end up weighing down your hair, which isn’t great for volumising fine hair. But if you have fine and dry or fine and frizzy hair, you might need a hydrating treatment. Use a mask for dry hair, which should be applied to the mid-lengths and ends only and left on for just a few minutes.
Our tip: To optimise the benefits of your hair mask, leave it to work its magic by wrapping your hair in a hot towel. This will help the active ingredients to penetrate your hair.
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