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Find out how to get that impeccable blow-dried style
Find out how to get that impeccable blow-dried style

How do you stop your blow-dried style from blowing out too much?

Are you always perfectly styled in the bathroom, only for your sleek poker-straight locks to blow out as soon as you step out of the door? Find out how to control the volume of your unruly locks for an impeccable poker straight blow-dried look.

Get ahead of the curve with the right products

Uncontrollable volume is a sign that your hair is dry and damaged, and has become porous. The hair's cuticles open up and no longer form a protective barrier around the hair fibre. This means that the hair fibre absorbs humidity from the atmosphere. The result? The hair's diameter expands and the volume of your hairstyle increases.

To tackle the issue, get to the root of the problem by applying nourishing and reparative products to your hair such as the keratin shampoo and hair mask duo. This will hydrate, fill in gaps in the hair fibre and smooth down the cuticles. Alternate the use of these products with an anti-frizz shampoo, such as the one from Jean Louis David's Less Therapy range, which helps tame unruly locks for an impeccably sleek blow-dried look every time.

Good to know: in the shower, do not use overly hot water to rinse your hair. Hot water removes more sebum from the hair fibre than cold water, which will increase its volume even more.

Prepare your hair for styling

Once you have lovely clean locks, protect them from the heat of the hair dryer using a thermo-protective treatment . This is advisable because diffused hot air will aggravate the fluffiness of your locks by weakening the hair fibre. Opt for a spray, such as Jean Louis David's Thermo-Active treatment, which acts as a shield for your locks whilst coating the hair fibre. On top of that, you will have perfectly controlled volume.

Choose the right type of blow-dry styling

To say goodbye to XXL volume, forget floaty hairstyles and straightening with a round brush. This involves pulling down on each section from the roots down to the tips with the brush, following the movement with the heat of the hair dryer, as close to the hair fibre as possible. Instead opt for sleek blow-drying and then use straighteners after drying, for long-lasting poker straight style. Then finish off the style by applying a small amount of hydrating treatment, such as Nutri serum, to tame frizz and counteract the air's humidity with just a few drops.


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