Instructions: how to get blow-dried mermaid waves

Blow-dried mermaid waves have got everything going for them: they are less stiff-looking than the traditional blow-dried style and more natural than bouncy curls. Here’s how to get yourself glamorous waves worthy of the red carpet!

Prep your locks

After washing your hair, detangle it and then apply a thermo-active treatment to your locks to protect them from the heat and to coat the hair fibre. By doing this, you will give your glamorous blow-dried locks better hold.

Pre-dry your hair to give it more volume

Start by creating volume at the roots by pre-drying your hair upside-down. Point the hairdryer attachment at your roots to make them more supple and to lift them using the heat. Then finish it off with a cold blast to hold onto the volume before lifting your head back up.

Curl your locks

Now work with your blow-dried mermaid waves, strand by strand, by winding your locks around a round brush whilst keeping the hot blast about 15 cm away to heat them up. Then let your curls cool down before unravelling then to reveal beautifully soft waves!

Good to know: choose the diameter of your brush depending on the length of your hair: a small diameter for mid-length hair and a large one for XXL locks.

“Break up” your curls

To finish off, brush your locks to get floaty curls or tilt your head forward to relax them, running your fingers through your hair. This is the finishing touch which will give a natural look to your hairstyle, so that you can show off perfectly blow-dried waves!

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