Leaving your hair to dry naturally: what are the advantages?

As a huge fan of blow-dry styling, do you wonder whether it would be better to leave your hair to dry naturally from time to time? Find out why it is in your best interests to put away your hair dryer.

Gentle hair drying

Even though new hair dryers are specifically designed to damage your locks as little as possible, the heat they give off can still end up overheating and drying out your locks. This makes your hair dry and prone to breakage over time. If you leave your hair to dry naturally, however, there’s no risk of damaging the hair fibre. This drying method is the most gentle and kind to your hair.

Say goodbye to fuzzy locks, static electricity and frizz!

These are other hair issues caused by the heat given off by heated stylers. For example, your hair dryer’s hot air blast lifts the hair’s cuticles and consequently damages the hair fibre. As a result your locks become more static, fuzzy and the dreaded frizz appears. Say goodbye to these hair issues by simply putting away your hairdryer.

A more natural hairstyle

Although blow-drying normally gives you perfectly smooth straight locks, it also can make for a rather stiff look. Proudly show off your hair as it is naturally by skipping blow-drying and leaving your locks to dry at room temperature.

Save time!

You will no longer have to spend over an hour taming your locks by brushing and blow-drying it into shape. Now you can attend to other tasks as your hair dries in its own time.

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