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Show off beautiful loose curls all day for hair that's full of movement.
Show off beautiful loose curls all day for hair that's full of movement.
Show off beautiful loose curls all day for hair that's full of movement.

How can you create loose curls and get them to hold?


It's always the same old scenario. You've created knockout curls in your locks but they are relaxing and falling flat almost immediately. Don't panic, it's all about technique! Here is a three-step solution to keep your loose curls looking good for as long as possible.

Create curls in hair that has been washed the day before, not the day you want to show them off. This way your hair will not be too slippery for the curls to hold. They are sure to last longer!

1. Prime your hair with styling products

Start by applying a thermo-protective treatment to your locks. This will protect your hair from the heat and will also coat the hair fibre so that the curls hold better. Your curls will have a better shape and be more resilient for it!

2. A failsafe technique for making curls last

After priming your hair, curl it using large-diameter curling tongs to get natural-looking loose curls. Wind each section of hair around the tongs and wait for a few seconds, then release. Then cup each curl in the palm of your hand so that it is tightly wound and wait for it to cool before releasing. This tip will make all the difference and will get your curls to hold! An alternative? Wind a section of hair tightly around your finger to form a curl, wait for one to two minutes and then gently pull out your finger. Then cover the curled section of hair in aluminium foil before heating it up with straighteners. Leave it to cool before releasing your locks so that you don't burn your fingers!

3. Keep your curls looking good

Once your curls have been put in, relax them slightly with your fingers and spritz on hairspray generously to get your loose curls to hold for longer. After that, avoid touching your curls to check if they are still there. This is a surefire way to make them fall flat!

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