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Streetstyle: Mens highlights
Streetstyle: Mens highlights
Streetstyle: Mens highlights
Styles and trends

Streetstyle: Mens highlights

The hairstyle : It’s all about height and highlights ! Our streetstyle of the day is super-styled hair which has been sculpted to perfection. The sides should be shaved, whilst the upper section remains long and styled with a strong hold hair product. This style, both chic and modern, comes with some upkeep to maintain the look. Book a monthly appointment with your stylist to get the top section trimmed, sides shaven and highlights re-touched. This style is definitely for those who don’t mind regular trips to the salon !
The look : It’s got to be the dandy-chic look. Carefully planned out, his clothes are as on-trend as his hairstyle. Patent boots which tone perfectly with his shirt and dark coloured turned up trousers and quilted jackets, make this look totally wearable and modern.
Advice of the day : to keep the highlights looking vibrant, try using the Colour Therapy home-kit which re-vitalises the colour and hydrates your hair daily. Shampoo and other hair-care products in the range are carefully tailored to your hair type and boost your natural hair colour.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO