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Make-up to go with your fringe
Make-up to go with your fringe
Make-up to go with your fringe

Make-up to go with your fringe

A fringe is ideal for hiding a big forehead and bringing out your eyes; it can also make any hairstyle ultra-trendy. To make sure you get it just right, learn how to do your make-up to suit your fringe.

A full fringe is a thick fringe that hides your forehead. “Ideally it should fall to just above your nose”, but some women prefer it shorter or just above the eyebrows. This type of fringe frames your face and looks great with full make-up. People usually tell you to avoid too much make-up on the eyes and lips, but with a full fringe, it works very well. If you have a short full fringe, highlight your lips with a matte lipstick. Choose red shades for a retro pin-up effect. If you have a long full fringe, intensify your look with smokey eyes or bold eyeliner.
« Slightly layered and worn to the side”, the layered or side fringe generally covers one eye. You should therefore go all out on eye make-up. The best way of bringing out your eyes is to apply an eyeshadow in a shaded tone across your eyelid, then add a darker shade across the upper and lower lash line to define your eyes. When applying your mascara, stretch out your outer lashes to really open up your eyes. Complete your make-up by applying shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corners of your hair for a nice glow. As for your lips, choose nude shades to avoid stealing the limelight from your eye make-up.
The wispy fringe means a few pieces of hair that reach down to your eyebrows. “This fringe softens the face for a romantic, sweet and innocent look.” One thing to avoid with this fringe is using a full-coverage foundation. This one is all about subtlety, so go for fresh, light make-up. Create rosy cheeks with a rose or coral blusher, go for glossy lips, and bring out your eyes using a shimmer eyeshadow.

Our tip: Do your make-up before you style your fringe. Pin it back with a headband or hair grips to avoid getting mascara in it and making it easier to apply your foundation to your forehead. Also, be careful when wearing hair accessories: these can cause your fringe to lose shape and make it greasy.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO