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Master the professional lingo when getting your hair cut.
Master the professional lingo when getting your hair cut.
Master the professional lingo when getting your hair cut.

Know how to express what you want to your hairdresser


At the hairdresser, use the right terms to get your dream haircut.

Want to add movement? Ask for a layered cut

The aim: To make your hair look more fun and modern. A layered cut will boost fine hair's volume and will add character. To create this look, the hairdresser will cut your hair to different lengths, focusing on the flatter areas and those around your face. It is worth knowing that the more your layers are pronounced, the more your hair will gain volume.

Want to make your hair lighter? Ask to have it thinned out

The aim: to reduce your hair's volume. Razors, trimmers or notched scissors, each professional stylist has their own preferred set of tools for thinning out the flatter sections and tips to keep the hair out of your face. This is the ideal cut for a rock chick, modern or messy-styled look. Note: thinning out is not recommended for people with extremely fine hair as it could damage it.

Want thick hair? Opt for a blunt cut

The aim: to gain more volume. The hairdresser will cut your hair in a straight line, just like with a bob. As a result, all of the ends are the same length and the hair is not layered or thinned out. This haircut keeps all of your hair's volume intact, making your hair look thicker. Although this haircut enhances the volume of thick hair, it can make it look rather staid. To temper this effect, go for a wavy hairstyle.

Finally, whichever haircut you go for, if you want to freshen up your current look, ask the professional stylist to structure your hair. With these few terms, any hairdresser should be able to understand exactly what you want!

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