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5 curly ponytails spotted on Instagram.
5 curly ponytails spotted on Instagram.
5 curly ponytails spotted on Instagram.

Instahair: the curly ponytail


Incredible things can be done with a ponytail, as is shown by the following 5 Instagram accounts. Those behind the accounts play with curls to give their hairstyles character, providing you with plenty of sources of inspiration for adding a twist to your look.

1 – Bigging yourself up

Mon coup de du jour Www.allurerelooking.fr #queuedecheval #wavyhair #blondpolaire #coiffeurnimes

Une photo publie par Allure Conseil (@allureconseildelphine) le

Delphine, a self-styled image and style coach, offers sources of hairstyling and make-up inspiration on her Instagram account. One of them is this elaborate curly ponytail which tumbles down your back like a waterfall. To get this look, wrap strands around curling tongs starting as high up as possible, moving down towards the tips. Then gently loosen the curls and gather them into a ponytail with your fingers. Then separate the ponytail into small strands, and backcomb each one for a big hair finish. To break away from the "baby doll" look that this hairstyle tends to have, team it with a casual, relaxed outfit.

2 – The princess look

Hair stylist and make-up artist Léa Assuline shares her taste for dream hairstyles on her account. She shows how each of us can turn into a princess with this winning combination of three techniques: a ponytail, curls and braids. To copy this look, separate out a strand of hair from each side and braid them down to the tips. Then gather all of your hair into a relatively loose ponytail - the hair on top of your head shouldn't be slicked back. If you have very long hair or extensions, tie them around themselves. Otherwise use a hairband and a wide strand of hair to cover it up. To finish, separate the ponytail into several strands and curl them using tongs or a heated hairbrush from mid-way down. Scrunch your curls between your fingers and spritz on hairspray. Say hello to looking like a Queen!

3 – Adding depth

On Mélanie's account, you will to see all kinds of colours and hairstyles. You'll be wowed by all of the dazzling, bright and fun looks on this account. But for this topic we have picked out this conventional look, as it is the ideal solution for boosting a rather dull ponytail. Subtle highlights enhance this blend of straight lines and curls. To create this style, pull your hair back to create a slicked-back look and form your ponytail in the middle of the back of your head. Next, separate the hair into four or five large strands and loosely curl them. Then break up the curls from midway down using your fingers. This technique will add volume. Decorative hairpins will help hold the hairstyle in place, and accentuate its minimalist lines.

4 – Retro charm

Thomai Kryris, an Australian colourist and stylist, gives plenty of curling and styling ideas for long hair on her account. To create this retro hairstyle, straighten your hair thoroughly. Then take a large section from the front and backcomb it with a comb, working from the tips up to the roots to give it more volume. Then gather your locks towards the back. Divide the rest of the hair into four strands and twist them around themselves to form coiled buns. Next, wrap them in aluminium foil. Heat them up with your straighteners for a few seconds. Do the same with the backcombed section. Take them all out and break up the curls using your fingertips. Put your hair up into a relatively high ponytail, spritz on hairspray and you're good to go!

5 – A refined look

Saç Ustalan's account is brimming with incredible creativity, with posts of spectacular hairstyles turning women into magical, graceful beings. Here, feathers provide the inspiration for a surprising colouring technique. Without going to such lengths, you can still go for a version of this incredible look by lightly crimping your locks and creating a slicked-back look on top with structuring gel. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck and separate it into fine strands, backcombing them from the tips up to the roots with a comb. Spritz on hairspray to get your hairstyle to hold and that's all there is to it!

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