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Go for the retro glamour of finger waves.
Go for the retro glamour of finger waves.
Go for the retro glamour of finger waves.

How to do finger waves for glamorous vintage style


Do you dream of 1920s glamour? If so, opt for pretty finger waves for a vintage look. Here's how.

Prepare your locks

Style freshly washed hair or dampen your locks before styling, as finger waves should be done on damp hair. Then, generously apply styling mousse to damp locks to coat the hair fibre and to fix the wavy movement in your hair.

Form the finger waves

Start by shaping the locks framing your face by creating, by hand, an S-shaped movement in your hair whist flattening down your locks against your head. Once these pretty waves are clearly marked out, hold them in place using flat hairpins, placing them in the loop of the S. Then continue by using the waves created to add the right kind of movement to the rest of your locks. To do this, place an initial section of hair along the length of the framing section to adjust your finger waves, following the previously formed S. Hold each wave in place with a flat hairpin, then do the same with the remaining sections until all of your hair is finger-waved.

Fix your retro hairstyle in place

To keep these glamorous waves in your hair, dry your locks with a hairdryer before removing all of the flat hairpins. Then gently comb your locks and spritz hairspray onto the finger waves so that they hold for longer!

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