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Hairstyles to tame frizz
Hairstyles to tame frizz

Hairstyles to tame frizz

Frizz tends to be one of those unlucky issues experienced by people with dry and curly hair. The mixture of these two hair types results in frizz, which is difficult to hide. Luckily, some hairstyles work wonders for covering it up. Read on to find out which hairstyles work to camouflage this problem.
It's impossible to get rid of frizz altogether. "To hide your frizz you'll need to use a product that holds your hair in place. Use something with good coverage, as these are the only products that stop this frizz from escaping from your hairstyles. You can also spray hairspray onto a comb and brush through your hair to finish."
Unfortunately there isn't a standard hairstyle that will help control frizz. "This doesn't mean there aren't techniques you can use to hide it! Go over your hair section by section with straighteners, making sure you guide it in your chosen direction. If you choose this option, make sure you keep your hair nourished, as, given your hair type, it is already fairly delicate. Up-dos such as ponytails or chignons will also hide frizz. Simply smooth in place using a fixing product.
Our tip: serum is your best bet when it comes to frizz. Use it daily to control and hydrate your hair.
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