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The 90s: when eccentric hairstyles ruled
The 90s: when eccentric hairstyles ruled
The 90s: when eccentric hairstyles ruled

Hair evolution: flagship hairstyles from the nineties


When pop culture goes hand in hand with hairstyles, anything goes! XXL volume, vibrant colours and fun up-dos, each hairstyle more extravagant than the last. The proof being? These 3 nineties looks.

The Rachel Green bob

Guys, I've finally done it. In my #questtobecomejenan, I've mastered #rachelgreenhair.

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It's impossible to forget this short unstructured bob, thinned out at the tips and mid-lengths, featuring maximum blow-dried volume tamed by a side part! Worn by Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) in the cult TV show Friends, this legendary haircut was propelled to iconic status. In salons, every woman wanted the Rachel bob and it went on to be voted "Best hairstyle of the year" in 1995 by several magazines.

Contrasting streaks

Far from the natural highlights of today, which light up long hair with lighter shades blended in, the nineties streaks version of highlights fully embraced the deliberately artificial look. Created by putting in a colour in stark contrast to your base, these streaks made clear demarcation lines in the hair and were spread out in relatively thick flat block-coloured sections. A look which became an iconic symbol of the era.

Double buns

High-perched double buns have been making a comeback recently, but double buns were already a major IT-hairstyle of the 90s. This up-do was rocked by most starlets of the era. Back then they were worn with tips spiking out at the base of the chignons and they were often enhanced by large sections of hair framing either side of the face for an ultra-cool look.

To rock this look in 2018, visit the Style Bar in one of Jean Louis David's salons!

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