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Different tips for straightening your hair
Different tips for straightening your hair

Different tips for straightening your hair

For a lot of women, straightening means using straighteners. But there are other ways to make your hair straight. Here are a few quick tips for straightening your hair at home.
For a really straight result, straighteners are great. This is the most popular technique today. But before you whip out your straighteners, make sure you've protected your hair. "Use a thermo-protector straightening spray to protect your hair from the heat of your styling tools and speed up the straightening process. Once your hair is almost dry, spray some product several times on your hair. Comb it to distribute the product evenly then start straightening. For a perfectly straight result, use thin sections and avoid going over the same section twice."
The brush and the hairdryer can be used for a bouncy, straight result. This technique might sound old-fashioned, but it is very effective. "Once you've blow-dried your hair, get your round brush at the ready. Separate your hair using hair grips and start with the underneath sections. The brush should follow the movement of your hairdryer, from the roots to the ends. To make sure the effects of your blow-dry last, spray a bit of hairspray onto a comb and use on your hair."
For a flexible, long-lasting result, use rollers. "These give your hair long-lasting shape. Use Velcro rollers. Simply roll a section of blast-dried hair around the roller and leave it to dry. To save time, use a hairdryer. Remove the rollers once your hair is fully dry. Now style your hair using a brush on the top section to smooth out the curls.”
Our tip: Whichever technique you use, make sure you protect your hair. A thermo-protector spray can be used to look after your hair and give it a healthy shine.
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