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 Curtain bangs: should you get them?
Curtain bangs: should you get them?
Curtain bangs: should you get them?

Curtain bangs: should you get them?


Curtain bangs are one of the main trends for the end of this year. It's THE solution for changing your hairstyle whilst still being elegant. Take a closer look at this style, which you're bound to love!

Curtain bangs, more on trend than ever before

Curtain bangs have been a major style at the Autumn-Winter 2015 fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. This season, curtain bangs are meant to be full, straight, have lots of depth and a slightly curved appearance. They can also be rounded in the spirit of the 60s. Why will you love them? Because they will enhance your style whilst giving maximum depth to your look.

Who are curtain bangs for?

They come down to your eyebrows so they suit someone better with mid-length to long hair as they maintain a certain balance. They are also recommended for those with straight and thick hair as they require sufficient substance to make them full and cover the forehead. If your hair is quite fine, opt for a layered fringe which is also very much on trend this winter. With regard to curly hair, you should straighten it to achieve this simple and even finish.

How do I adopt curtain bangs?

The curtain fringe goes perfectly with structured haircuts, such as long bobs or XXL straight hair. Furthermore, it is ideal for modernizing a classic cut, bringing a sporty-chic edge to a ponytail or reinforcing the 'bobo' style of a chignon bun. It's simple, this fringe adapts to all looks by giving them a unique and ultra-trendy edge every time.

How can I maintain the curtain fringe?

Your bangs need meticulous upkeep in order to preserve their beautiful shape and to not have any hair out of place. Therefore, go to your hairdressers on a regular basis so they can do any touch ups needed on your hair. A little tip: when you style your hair, spray a fine comb with hairspray before passing it through your fringe. You will maximise its style, ensuring it looks flawless.

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