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Create a 60s inspired hairstyle with a headband
Create a 60s inspired hairstyle with a headband
Create a 60s inspired hairstyle with a headband
Styles and trends

Create a 60s inspired hairstyle with a headband

Brigitte Bardot, France Gall and even the actresses from the Mad Men television series all have one hair accessory in common; the headband. Both stylish and feminine, this accessory instantly opens up the face whilst adding an original touch to your hairstyle. Let’s take a closer look at summer 2014’s hottest accessory.
60s-inspired. Voluminous hairstyles and various hair accessories were the key ingredients to creating a stylish look during the 60s. Women wore their hair in blow-drys, high ponytails and even body-boosted chignons…not to mention backcombed roots. When wearing their hair down, the hairband was a go-to accessory for creating a unique look.
Today’s trend. As always, trends come and go. More than 50 years on, 60s styles and accessories are still a major look on the catwalks. It seems that us women just love wearing vintage styles that 60s icons wore back in the day. The trend for throwback, vintage hair and the need for a practical look has prompted women everywhere to copy these oh-so chic hairstyles.
Re-create the catwalk style. Taking direct inspiration from the 60s, the Barbara Bui runway show featured all key elements from the era: voluminous locks and the trusty headband. Here, hair is worn straight in order to create a contrast between the voluminous roots and the sleek appearance of the lengths. Start by backcombing your roots to add body and volume that will last all day. Next, smooth your hair backwards and spray evenly with Shine Spray to add a glossy finish. To finish off your style, place your headband in the centre of your head. Gently push forwards and sweep hair backwards over your shoulders. Straighten your mid-lengths and ends for a glamorous end result.
© Pixelformula / Barbara Bui prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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