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Find out what your haircut says about you
Find out what your haircut says about you

A new haircut for a fresh start: what changing your hair says about you

Going in for a pixie crop, getting extensions or just going for a fringe: find out the hidden meanings behind your new looks!

Going for a short cut

Chopping all of your hair off to go for a cropped look is a radical, very significant move! This choice is often made at key stages in life, in response to happy or sad milestones such as a break-up or promotion. Going for the chop signals starting afresh or embarking on a new chapter of your life, conveying a desire to be a strong independent woman who takes the bull by the horns. Your short hair is a sign of maturity and a confident attitude, as by adopting an androgynous look you show that you are not afraid to fully embrace who you are and are comfortable in your own skin.

Focusing on length

Conversely, leaving your hair to grow out or cheating by way of extensions to showcase XXL locks reveals a desire to be attractive and a wish for contentment and romanticism. Your locks are in fact, a nod to the locks you once had, as the day-dreaming sentimental child you once were. It is also the very essence of femininity. In any case, love is in the "hair"!

Getting a fringe cut in

Putting a twist on your haircut with a straight fringe concealing your forehead also represents a need to protect yourself from the outside world by keeping a mini barrier between yourself and other people. You aren't feeling shy and withdrawn at the moment by any chance are you?


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