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How to wear the hair scarf this summer
How to wear the hair scarf this summer
How to wear the hair scarf this summer
Looks and accessories

A closer look at the multi-coloured hair scarf trend


Practical and on-trend, the colourful hair scarf is a must-have accessory for the summer season. Worn like a hat or just to add style to your hairstyles, it is your hair's best friend when the sunny weather kicks in. Here's why!

The colourful hair scarf: the must-have summer accessory

Silk or fabric square scarves are ideal for personalising your hairstyles, with their prints and bright colours. Even better, they work just as well on short, mid-length and XXL locks to give you a highly on-trend Boho-chic look or a charming retro style. Practical for wearing around town or on the beach, your scarf can be knotted in a multitude of different ways to protect your locks from the sun and boost your look in the blink of an eye.

Which hairstyles can I wear it with?

It's simple: with any hairstyle you like! Whether you prefer leaving your hair loose and flyaway or you are more of a fan of sophisticated hairstyles, multi-coloured scarves adapt to suit your style and can be endlessly reinvented.

To change your look without putting your hair up, take a square floral, abstract print or tropical print fabric scarf, fold it in half diagonally and fold the longest edge over itself a couple of times. Put the scarf over your forehead and tie it at the back of your head to create a hippie hairstyle, or fold it over more to create a narrower headband style tied at the nape of your neck. It will enhance your holiday waves or sleek straight locks.

To accessorise your braids, ponytails and chignons coloured scarves can add a finishing touch to your look, be incorporated into your hairstyle or intertwined with your locks for a different look.

Brighten up your ponytail with a multi-coloured fabric scarf tied casually on one side. You could also dress up a top knot by tying a square silk scarf around the base of the chignon. Another option: introduce a scarf into your braid as the third strand in your plait to incorporate it into your hairstyle. Plenty of scope for a variety of on-trend summer hairstyles!

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