Blow-drying: 10 mistakes to avoid making

Essential for some, handy for others, the hairdryer is the heated styler that we can’t live without. But do you really know how to use one properly? Find out the mistakes most commonly made by women when using this must-have accessory.

1. Drying the hair when it is soaking wet

Whatever you do, do not dry hair that is dripping wet. The more drenched your hair is, the weaker it is and the longer it will take to dry. This is liable to damage your hair. So do take time to blot your locks by gently pressing them in a towel to dab up any excess water.

2. Forgetting to apply a protective thermo-active treatment

The heat from the hairdryer is another damaging factor for the hair fibre. Consider protecting it using a thermo-active treatment every time you blow-dry your hair. It acts as a shield on your locks, preventing it from overheating and becoming dry over time.

3. Skipping pre-drying

This is essential for an effective and successful blow-dry! Pre-dry your hair upside-down so that the blast of the hairdryer reaches the locks underneath (those at the nape of the neck) and not just those on top. This is an essential step for those who have fine hair and wish to create more volume, as it allows you to lift your hair at the roots. So always remember this key step!

4. Holding the hairdryer against your hair

No ladies, touching your locks with the end of your hairdryer will not dry it any faster! It is liable to burn the hair fibre. It is better to keep your hairdryer at a (safe) distance of approximately 20 cm from your head. To blow-dry your hair like a pro, keep the device 5 cm away from your brush, no less.

5. Drying your hair in all directions

Are you one of the many people who frantically shake their locks or wave their hairdryer at random in the hope of drying all of their hair at once? Bad idea! Besides making you feel dizzy, this technique increases the risk of knots forming. Our tip? Always dry your hair from the roots down to the tips, in the direction of the hair fibre, keeping the device parallel to your locks.

6. Drying without styling

With this method you will get unruly locks for sure! Blowing hot air in all directions will make your hair ultra-messy, creating tousled locks and untameable volume. If your hair is also damaged and your hair porous, your hair is liable to look fluffy and not at all sophisticated. So don’t forget that styling starts with blow-drying!

7. Using the hairdryer on its maximum heat setting…

Yes, we all have rushed mornings… But setting your hairdryer onto the maximum heat setting should not become a habit! It will only dry out and damage your locks. You should adjust the heat setting of the hairdryer to suit your hair type and the condition of your hair. The medium heat setting suits thick hair, though you should opt for a lower temperature if your locks are fine, curly or damaged.

8. … Or on the wrong power setting

The other factor to take into account is your hairdryer’s air flow. You can use the highest power setting during pre-drying, but lower it when your hair is starting to get dry to avoid needlessly damaging the hair fibre. Do you want to speed up drying or create a sleek blow-dried look? If so, it is worth using maximum power to relax the hair fibre. However, opt for a gentler setting if you have fine and/or weakened locks.

9. Using unsuitable accessories

If your hairdryer comes with several attachments, it is for good reason! Each hairstyle has an appropriate accessory. Do you want to blow-dry straighten your locks? Attach the concentrator nozzle to your device. It directs the blast towards the strands you wish to focus on for supple, malleable locks. Is your hair curly or damaged? Instead use the diffuser attachment which will gently spread out the heat and will give volume to your locks, whilst keeping the shape of your curls.

10. Not using the cold air setting

Available on a large number of models, this option allows you to dry your hair without heat to create a natural blow-dried style. This is a real lifesaver for damaged, dry hair! Another advantage is that this function can also be used as a finishing touch when styling, to help the hairstyle hold and to re-close the hair’s cuticles (they will have opened due to the heat). This helps avoid frizz and adds shine.

Good to know: using your hairdryer properly is good. Having an efficient one is even better. An old hairdryer may not spread the heat out as well as newer models, which may even burn your hair. So consider investing in a new hairdryer for effective and completely safe blow-drying.

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