Hair tattoo: everything you should know to rock this summer hairstyle

The new on-trend accessory that is the hair tattoo creates pretty patterns in your hair to add style to your chignons and summer braids. Learn how to tattoo your hair for a winning hairstyle!

Hair tattoos: what are they?

They are hair accessories which work in the same way as temporary body tattoos. They are gold, silver or even coloured patterns which are applied to the hair like a transfer and come off easily with shampoo or when you brush your locks.

Highly on-trend, they are perfect embellishments for your summer hairstyles and it-girls are wearing them non-stop in loose locks, with chignons or pretty braids for going to festivals. They replace headbands and barrettes as a way of adding a bit of style to even the simplest of hairstyles.

How do you correctly apply a hair tattoo?

To successfully create your summer hairstyle, be meticulous when it comes to applying your tattoo. It should be applied to hair which is already styled so that the design keeps its shape once tattooed onto your locks. If you have curly locks straighten them beforehand, as waves make the design go out of shape. Straightening will also make the tattoo hold for longer.

A tip from the professionals. Select an area near the roots where the hair moves as little as possible, so that your tattoo holds without getting damaged. Stick the tattoo to the chosen section and then moisten the back of the design with some water for 10-15 seconds, the time it takes for the motif to print onto your hair. Then gently peel off the back of the transfer to reveal your hair tattoo. Lastly, all you need to do is spritz on hairspray to hold it in place and protect it to create the most stunning look!

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