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Fall in love with these rock chick festival looks which stood out at Coachella
Fall in love with these rock chick festival looks which stood out at Coachella

[Instahair]5 hairstyles spotted at Coachella

It's the music festival season so our hairstyles should be in tune with that! Braids, mini buns, side-swept hair and rebellious chignons... We take a closer look at the best rock chick hairstyles seen at Coachella 2017.

The faux hawk style quiff

Adopt a rock'n'roll attitude with this unusual hairstyle. Here, the rock quiff has taken on a faux hawk style, enhanced by wild locks and a few messy fishtail braids. This is a perfect festival hairstyle which is not unlike Jean Louis David's new Hippie Coachella Vibe up-do which you can get done at the Style Bar!

Tattooed mini buns

We love mini buns, which are making a huge comeback this season. To successfully create this half-up half-down hairstyle, select two large strands to braid towards the back, plaited tightly to your head. Wrap the rest of your locks around themselves to form "space buns". The essential accessory for this on-trend hairstyle? The hair tattoo. Choose any design you like and get it printed on your hair for a look that is yours alone!

Rebellious side-swept locks

To add a twist to your side-swept hair in no time at all, mark out a side parting and gather your hair over to one side of your face by forming a few mini braids to tame your locks. Then work with the rest of your hair to create pretty waves, loosened with your fingers for a relaxed look.

Boxer braids with a piercings look

Play with different trends by giving boxer braids a twist. Here, the hairstyle has a central braid to give more height to the look. Once you have put in this trio of braids, hide the tips of the additional central braid at the nape of the neck using a hair grip to make it look like a Mohican. To finish off the hairstyle, add as many hair rings as you want, so that your braids look like they are covered in piercings for an irresistible rock chick effect.*

The rock chick chignon

The low chignon is getting a rebellious new look, and proves that it is far from mainstream with these multiple sleek braids. To create this look, divide your hair into three sections and then braid them separately, pulling them tightly as you go so they are plaited close to your head. The central section should be larger than the side sections. Finally, gather your braids together at the nape of your neck, on the left or right depending on your preferred look, to form the chignon.


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