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Enhance your hairstyles to create a rock punk look!
Enhance your hairstyles to create a rock punk look!

[Instahair] 5 rock chick and punk hairstyle ideas

You can't beat a rock chick or punk style for adding a twist to a haircut. De-styled effects and unruly tufts can liven up your everyday look. Whether you opt for a radical change or a temporary style, you can get this look with a few snips of the scissors or strokes of the comb. So, whether you have long or short hair, we have found 6 hairstyles for you to try so you can get that rock'n'punk attitude in no time!

The anarchist bun

More rebellious than ever, this topknot plays with de-styled effects. It has a strand which is left down on one side and the rest of the hair is gathered up high to showcase it. Practical and easy to create, this look suits all occasions. Separate out a strand on one side next to your ear and create a fine sleek braid. Gather the rest of your hair together and wrap your hair into a top knot. For a de-styled look, do not overly tighten the chignon to keep your hair curved at the roots and to leave the tips poking out for a rebellious touch.

A pastel explosion

Are you daring and quirky? Opt for a hairstyle that reflects your personality. Dare to try this ultra-short unstructured haircut which highlights a rock chick front section. If you opt for this look, go all the way by colouring your hair. You could try either subtle pastel highlights or strawberry blond for a softer yet bolder result. However, note that when you shave the nape of your neck, you will need to be patient when it grows out. What's the essential thing to create this look? Be sure to call on a hairdresser for the colour and cut!


Here's a hairstyle which will delight the anti-conformist in you, without the risk of having to commit to a style in the long term. You can sport this Iroquois mohawk as a show-stopper for a party. Sleek braids replace the shaved parts and bring your hair to the top of your head. Backcombed in the extreme, your locks take centre stage. They are both messy and intertwined, held in place with wavy hairgrips. Although those skilled at styling can try and create this look themselves, you should call on the skills of a hairdresser for optimum results.

Hair tattoo

Do you have to keep your punk rock style under wraps at the office? This shaved section of hair at the nape of your neck allows you to express your punk side by simply lifting up your locks. When your hair is down, it will be your little secret! This cunning style will stay stuck to your skin like a tattoo and you can change it when your hair grows. Perfect for indecisive types, this hairstyle should be created by a professional so that you don't so anything you may later regret. Now it is down to you to play with different styles, from chignons and mini buns to ponytails!

The faux braided hawk

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The iconic hawk is a must-have style for a neo-grunge look. If you want to avoid shaving your locks, opt for its sidekick: the faux braided hawk. Using styling techniques, you can keep up the pretence for a day. Start by crimping your hair to add texture and volume to your hairstyle. Mark out a side parting to section off the area you wish to flatten down. Hold the flattened-down section in place with a hairpin. Now, braid your hair on the top of your head going from the front down to the nape, loosening the strands as you go for a rock quiff look.


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