What's nude hair colouring?

If you like your hair colour, but find it dull and lacking in depth, nude colouring is just what you need! Here’s why.

An ultra-natural hair colouring that suits everyone

Whether you are blond, brunette or a redhead, “nude hair” is a personalised hair colouring treatment which adds different shades to your base colour to enhance it, without radically changing it. Like with make-up, nude hair consists of mimicking your natural colour and boosting the original shade with a veil of pigments, reviving highlights to add more light but also depth to give your hair a less flat appearance.

Nude hair, a perfect balance between cool and warm tones

You no longer need to choose between ultra-chic platinum and the sun-kissed effects of Californian blonde or between the warm highlights of caramel and the iridescent accent notes of an ice chestnut brown! Nude colouring relies on a subtle technique which combines so called “warm” tones with so called “cold” ones . They will cancel each other out to create a neutral colour which will flatter all complexions and eye colours. A perfect balance of shades which is all down to your colourist’s skill.

It’s the secret to a perfect natural-looking blonde or red colour, or a shade of brown which will make your complexion look radiant.

A gentle colour treatment with easy upkeep

As this colouring technique isn’t too strong and is very close to your natural colour , it does not oxidise the hair or make it porous. The result: your hair is enhanced without getting damaged. All you need do to hold onto its shine is use shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.

As for upkeep in the salon, you only need to go every 6 weeks, as the colour blends perfectly into your hair as it grows out. A godsend!

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