Styling accessories: the 6 essential items for your hair

Some tools and accessories are essential for styling and taking care of your hair. Here are 6 absolute must-haves for your bathroom cabinet.

1. A comb

Whether it be wide tooth for detangling your locks after washing, or fine tooth for backcombing your hair and smoothing down frizz after styling, a comb is an essential for your hair regime, from start to finish. Taking care of your hair is impossible without one.

2. A hairdryer

This is the hair device no one can live without if they wish to blow-dry style their locks or avoid going out with wet hair.

3. A brush

Inseparable from the hair dryer, this is your best ally for blow-dry styling. Go for a round one to create waves or a paddle brush to blow-dry your hair straight. It can tame, add volume and give style to your hair in just a few strokes.

4. A hairband

Extremely practical, this is a must-have accessory for creating all of your up-dos on a daily basis in no time at all! It is in a class of its own as far as hair accessories go.

5. Hairpins

Wavy ones for pinning back your hair and forming a bun or flat ones for holding back any loose strands, hairpins are irreplaceable for creating sophisticated hairstyles. Their plus point? They can be easily concealed in your hair.

6. Curling tongs or straighteners

To transform your hair and look in the blink of an eye, you cannot beat these hair stylers. Choose the appropriate one according to your hair type to go from straight to ultra-curly and vice versa.

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