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3 hairstyles to mask your first grey hairs

Have your first grey hairs suddenly made an appearance? Don’t panic, here are 3 styling ideas so you can hide them without having to resort to colouring your hair.

Grey hair visible at the roots: opt for a floaty blow-dried style

You can’t beat a hairstyle full of volume and movement for concealing salt and pepper hair which is noticeably grey at the roots. It is just what you need for discreetly hiding greys!

Avoid sleek straight blow-dried locks, which will only make these pesky first greys stand out more. Instead, opt for a floaty blow-dried look by styling your hair upside-down. This will add more volume and conceal any greys showing up along your parting. Besides that, it will give you a really perky hairstyle. Your greys will blend into your base colour and will go unnoticed. A top tip from the professionals? Go for a zigzag parting which will blur the roots, make strands go in different directions and bring your locks across your hairline to mask any grey hairs at the front.

Grey hairs at the nape of your neck: opt for a low ponytail

If most of your grey strands are concentrated just above your neck, opt for a low ponytail which will immediately seem to make them disappear. This hairstyle is bang on-trend, sophisticated and very easy to do!

A top tip from the professionals? Do not slick back your hair with a brush to form the ponytail. Opt for a ponytail which is loose at the front to avoid revealing more grey strands at the roots.

Salt and pepper hair all over: accessorise a chignon

If grey strands are scattered all throughout your hair, a chignon is a good option for concealing them. One absolute must? Enhancing your chignon with an accessory to conceal and divert the attention away from your greys.

As for styling, either create a top knot or a low chignon. Put a de-styled twist on it to blend your salt and pepper strands into the rest of your hair. A top tip from the professionals? Opt for headbands and scarves which will easily mask your overly visible grey hairs. Alternatively, wear barrettes and colourful XXL jaw clips to divert attention.

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This article inspired you?

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