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Fall in love with the bobby pin trend, allowing you to showcase your hairpins
Fall in love with the bobby pin trend, allowing you to showcase your hairpins
Fall in love with the bobby pin trend, allowing you to showcase your hairpins

[Instahair] The bobby pin craze


They are everywhere. Used to enhance on trend hairstyles and in Instagrammers' hair, hairpins are no longer being hidden, but rather being shown off in large numbers and with plenty of colour. Read on to find out 5 ways to adopt the bobby pin trend.

The new slicked-back look

Do you always find it difficult to slick back your locks? Bobby pins are the solution! You no longer need to desperately attempt to straighten your hair or use hairspray to it slick back. Use flat hairpins instead to give a simple new twist to this slicked back look . Go for contrasting colours rather than those which blend into your hair: golden ones for brunettes and black for blondes. An on-trend detail which will make all the difference. To put them in, it couldn't be easier: select the section of hair you wish to slick back and put in multiple hairpins to fix it. Diagonally, spaced out or close together...put them in however you like.

A personalised accessory

Bobby pins are not just for fixing. You can also incorporate them into your hairstyles to create a real bespoke accessory. Here, with this small low chignon, the hairpins are the main feature and punctuate the length of the hair. They follow the movement of the strands to mark out a metallic crown. Try out all of the hairstyles you have ever dreamed of! For example, reinvent the fishtail braid with hairpins on each twist for a more sophisticated look.

Dare to go for colour!

No longer opt for classic designs, go for coloured bobby pins instead, perfect for bringing out your creative side. Wear them just for fun in your favourite colours: pastels, bright or luminous, anything goes. Also opt for patterned designs which completely reinvent this must-have accessory , with flowers or prints for a completely personalised hairstyle. It's up to you to experiment!

Arty hairpins

Did this creation today on this babe !! #sistershairdesign #bobbypins #hairstyling #creative

Une publication partage par Sisters Hair Design (@sistershairdesign) le

Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly hide every single hairpin under a strand of hair. Bobby pins are now being proudly shown off and even in excess. They are sculpting the hair and fixing arty movement in your locks. This cunning accessory is being worn galore to create unique hairstyles like works of art.

A hair illusion

This how I feel sometimes when people talk to me...Talk to the head!!! #creative #fashion #style #bobbypins #color #putabowonit

Une publication partage par Nik | is | fashion (@nikisfashion) le

Whatever your style, bobby pins allow you to realise all of your styling desires, even the most 'out there' looks! Have fun with your hairpins to create illusion effects. Here the chignon looks like lingerie and the bobby pins create the illusion of a laced-up corset. To create this look, gather your hair up by putting in two braids starting at the nape of the neck. Then knot the rest of your hair like a bun. To finish off this hairstyle, put in your flat hairpins, crossed over in between the two braids to join them up like the laces on a corset.

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