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Give your braid a new look with ribbon
Give your braid a new look with ribbon
Give your braid a new look with ribbon

[Instahair] Personalise your braid using fabric


Besides flowers and rhinestones, ribbons, scarves and other strips of fabric can add a twist to a standard braid. In no time at all, they can give a style a certain touch of elegance. Take a look at the following three hairstyles spotted on Instagram to try out the "fabric braid".

A new take on the African braid

Une photo publie par @da_da_daans le

Behind the handle @da-da-daans, there's a young Finn who is a fan of braids. On her account, she creates an array of refined hairstyles, one of which being the African braid enhanced with a two-tone scarf.

To create this hairstyle, you will need:

- Anti-frizz serum
- A scarf
- Flat hairpins to match your highlights
- An elasticated hairband

The tutorial. Detangle your locks and apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum. Select a section of hair (as you would to create a high half-ponytail ) and tie it up with one of the ends of your chosen scarf. Then divide the hair into two equal sections. Counting the fabric, you will have the three "strands" needed to do the hairstyle. Start by doing a standard braid for the first 2 twists. Then, start adding in strands (from the hair left loose) to each section you take over to the other side to form a braid which lies flat against your head. Continue down to the tips and finish it off by fastening the ends with an elasticated hairband.

The low chignon-braid combo

Combining a braid, a low chignon and a strip of fabric creates a romantic and sophisticated hairstyle. An idea inspired by Jemina's account: @Braidmyhairmum.

Before you start, get your hands on:
- A wide pastel or Liberty print ribbon, the same length as your hair
- A crocodile hair clip
- Wavy hair grips
- Two elasticated hairbands
- Hairspray

The tutorial. Separate out a section from front left or front right of your head and start braiding. Make sure you cross the strands underneath to make your hair look thick. You can add the ribbon in from the outset, or like Jemina has done, incorporate it mid-way down your braid to enhance the lower section. To attach the ribbon more easily, tuck it underneath a strand of hair and hold it in place with a crocodile clip. Tie the ends of the braid off and now move on to the rest of your hair by creating a low chignon . To create a bun at the nape of your neck, twist your hair into a coil and hold it in place using wavy hair grips or a transparent elasticated hairband (an easier option). Then take your braid and wrap it around your bun. Put in a few hairpins to hold the hairstyle in place and finish it off with a spritz of hairspray.

The braided chignon

Wow! A braided chignon and a wide sparkly ribbon...On stylist Kara Firman's account, we were blown away by this modern, sophisticated hairstyle.

To successfully create this look you will need:

- Styling wax
- A wide wired ribbon the same length as your hair
- A hairbrush
- An elasticated hairband

The tutorial. Detangle your hair and sweep it towards the back. Apply a small amount of wax to instantly flatten down any little unruly wisps, and tie back the rest of your locks in a low ponytail. Take the wired ribbon and tuck it into the hairband used to tie back your hair. Then grab your ponytail and twist it with the ribbon to get a 2-strand "braid" effect. Twist it around to get a low chignon, and hold it in place against your head using hairpins. Let some of the ribbon stick out and give it the shape you want by bending the wire.

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