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Blonde hair

SectionBlonde hair

Blonde hair never goes out of style, whether yours is natural, coloured, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, ice blonde or honey blonde. Discover our top tips for maintaining your colour and preventing colour fade. Learn how to look after your blonde during winter and protect it in summer. And why not find out which hairstyles suit blonde locks best while you're here?

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Hair colouring: how do you go from blond to redhead?
Blonde hair
Hair colouring: how do you go from blond to redhead?

Do you dream of trading in your blond for flaming red locks? Whatever you do, don't just go for any shade of red on a whim. Here is everything you need to know to get red locks without going wrong! Find the shade of red best suited to your blond colour Although technically you can go any shade of red with your light base colour, not all shades...

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