Which styles are best for fine, blonde hair?

Do you struggle to know what to do with your fine, blonde hair? Take the plunge and cut it short, one of this season’s biggest trends. The pros give their advice on which styles to choose from to ensure your new look suits you perfectly. Read on to find out which new style is best for you!
The style you choose all depends on the thickness of your hair. ‘Don’t worry if your hair is fine, there are still plenty of options to choose from. What causes the problem is the amount of hair you have, which is crucial to creating a perfect finish. If your hair is naturally fine, it can be difficult to wear a shorter style’.
Keep in mind that just because your hair is fine, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it! ‘There are so many different styles to choose from for short blonde hair that has a fine texture. A bob, the bowl cut and even a boyish crop with a long layered fringe at the front can all work fantastically and even give the appearance of thicker hair’.
It’s important to remember that with fine hair, it’s better to stay away from layered styles. ‘This will allow you to keep volume. Talk to your stylist to find out which hairstyle will suit you best and create the illusion of more hair. Don’t add too many layers!’
Blonde will add depth to your style. ‘Is your hair naturally a dirty blonde shade? Take a look at the Contrast Highlights offered in salon to make your hair shine. On the other hand, you can try keeping your locks their natural colour, then darken the under sections for more body’.
Our advice: Make sure you are 100% certain on the minimum length you are happy with for your new style. Some women still want to be able to tie their hair back, whilst others like to sweep the sides back behind their ears. Discuss your transformation with a professional stylist before taking the plunge!
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