My blond hair is starting to go yellow, what do I do?

One of the worst fears when you have blond hair is that your colour will turn yellow. But few blondes end up this colour. Instead, what really happens is it goes dull. We explain.
When people talk about blond yellowing and fading, they mean that the initial colour is losing its pigments. “When hair is bleached, the colour’s yellow pigments show through after a certain time, and hair ends up turning and fading. At the same time, external aggressions and pollution only make things worse.”
It’s virtually impossible to stop your hair colour fading. “It’s completely normal that your colour should fade and lose its original radiance. This isn’t always a bad thing. The colour doesn’t tend to change much and the negative effects are usually barely noticeable. Your hair loses its shine, but again this is completely normal. Simply use treatments designed to restore your hair’s radiance.”
Just because your hair has lost its shine doesn’t mean you need to have your colour re-done. “Use treatments at home or visit your hairdresser’s, but don’t have the colour re-done, this won’t solve anything. Instead, use a tone-on-tone colouring treatment every now and then. Every three months or so, but no more. The aim is to restore your hair’s shine without the harmful effects that will damage your hair in the long run.
Our tip: At Jean Louis David, the tone-on-tone colouring technique is known as Gloss. This technique revives your colour and leaves hair looking nice and shiny.
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