Hair colouring: how can I brighten up my naturally blonde hair?

With the onslaught of winter, your hair has perhaps become dull and lacklustre. What about giving it a flash of light? Here are 3 ways to brighten up your blonde and get a radiant complexion along with it!

Use treatments specifically formulated for blondes

Fair hair tends to go yellow and develop undesirable highlights which can ruin and tarnish your blonde colour. So, what can you do? As both a preventative measure and a treatment, regularly use purple shampoo with a formulation high in purple and blue pigments to neutralise yellow highlights, so as to keep or restore your radiant blonde colour. In addition, you can also use a “blonde enhancing” mask rich in anti-oxidants and UV filters which will revive your colour. With this complete regime, your hair will be lit up in no time!

Opt for highlights

Highlights correspond to a Contrast treatment at Jean Louis David. This partial colouring treatment is the ideal option for giving your hair a sun-kissed effect. Whether Baby, Californian or caramel blonde, this technique adapts to your base colour. It works on either light or dark blonde hair and adds lighter strands to the mix. As a result, your blonde hair becomes more light-catching and radiant than ever. The only rule to follow to get the most natural results possible? The contrast between the base colour and the lightened strands should not be too big.

Opt for nude hair colouring

A personalised treatment created by your colourist to enhance your blonde hair, nude hair is tone-on-tone hair colouring which keeps the balance between “warm” and “cold” pigments. The result: your hair is infused with light but its original colour stays practically the same. This is a real godsend for boosting your blonde hair’s radiant shine with a colouring treatment!

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