Ash, honey, golden, platinum: a look at various shades of blond

Are you wanting to go blond, but unsure which shade is right for you? Are you torn between several different shades? Light or dark, golden or ash, here is everything you should know about blond and its variations, so you can be sure to go for the right one.

Ash blond for a sophisticated hairstyle

Ash blond is close to light brown, and is one of the darkest shades of blond. It is characterised by its silver grey highlights that set it apart from other shades. Although it is sophisticated and elegant, ash blond is much softer for your face than a natural light brown. It is therefore perfect for those who do not want an extreme blond but instead a natural and subtle result. One slight drawback, however, is that it does not suit everyone. Feel free to adopt it if you have light-coloured eyes and a pale complexion. It will particularly enhance your features and will soften the redness of your skin with its cold pigments, provided that you keep it looking good with appropriate treatments so that it holds onto its radiant shine.

However, avoid this shade if you have a dark skin tone. Lacking in luminosity, this cold blond can dull your complexion.

Good to know: Ash blond is the ideal colouring option for concealing your first few grey hairs and making them go unnoticed. With this shade, your grey hairs will perfectly blend into the rest of your hair.

Honey blond for a colour full of light

Neither dark nor light, this is a shade halfway between dark and ice blond. A perfect balance which makes it the ideal shade for a result that is natural and easy to wear day-to-day. Excellent for warming up pale complexions and giving them a radiant glow, honey blond can also enhance dark skin tones by intensifying your colouring. Another advantage is that you can ask for honey blond at the salon no matter what your base colour, as it suits both dark hair in search of light and light bases looking to make their blond darker to add extra warmth.

Golden blond for sun-kissed highlights

This sunny, sexy blond is also known as Californian blond as it recreates the lightening effect of spending long hours in the Californian sun. In short, this is THE shade of blond associated with surfers and holidays. Good news, anyone can go for this sun-kissed effect without hesitation as it flatters all complexions, and in particular, dark skin tones! This very radiant shade of blond is the ideal solution for lighting your hair up with highlights, for example, if you have a dark blond to light brown base. You can go for this shade in both summer and winter, as golden blond is also perfect for brightening up your complexion when your tan has faded.

Platinum blond

This is an extremely light blond verging on white. It is the blond that symbolises Hollywood glamour, like the shade Marilyn Monroe wore. It is back on trend today and gives you a feminine rock chick look. However, it is difficult to get and hold on to. This is because to reach this extreme shade of blond you must bleach your hair one or more times depending on your base colour. Nevertheless, you can adopt it with no problem if your hair is blond to light brown, as long as you pamper your locks with regenerating treatments and purple shampoo to neutralise any yellow highlights that may appear. Your new hair colour will be in complete harmony with your porcelain complexion and your light-coloured eyes, as it is not that far removed from your base colour. However, avoid this colour if you are a brunette with dark brown or pitch black locks, as your hair colour is too far removed from platinum blond. You would be liable to damage your hair and the white blond would clash too much with your golden or dark complexion. A piece of advice: if this applies to you, go for another shade of blond!

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