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Everything there is to know about Californian blond
Everything there is to know about Californian blond
Everything there is to know about Californian blond
Hair colouring

Everything there is to know about Californian blond


Californian blond is one of the most popular shades of blond for colouring your hair. It's easy to see why as it instantly illuminates your locks. Let's take a look at this colour in more detail which has got everything going for it.

What are its distinctive features?

This shade of blond is highly luminous and is characterised by golden highlights. It aims to give your hair a highly sun-kissed look, as if you had spent all year on the beaches of California. It's a hair colour which experienced huge success in the 90s, when it was adopted by major models of the time. For some seasons now, this blond has made a strong comeback and has been spotted on several occasions on the catwalks of recent Fashion Weeks.

Who is it for?

Californian blond is a colour which enhances both pale and tanned skin types. It is perfect if you wish to give a 'sun-kissed' effect to your hair. Furthermore, it is best when it is used for highlights as it gives maximum relief and adds light to your hair. Nevertheless, go for platinum blond if your base colour is already light (from blond to dark chestnut). Therefore, it will be easy to achieve as it is still close to this tonal range.

How to maintain your blond?

If your hair is naturally blond, maintain it with treatments adapted to its nature. Alternatively, if your hair is coloured, pamper your hair with products from the Color Therapy range. These products are specifically designed to revive the hair's pigments whilst preserving your hair's health. Once a month, also wash your hair with Silver Therapy shampoo to prevent your colour from yellowing. By following this hair regime, you will keep your highlights looking shiny long term.

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