8 preconceived ideas about blonde hair

Blonde has always been seductive, whether it be natural or obtained from a colouring treatment. Golden like wheat, platinum or ice, blonde hair is still subject to certain prejudices. We take a closer look.

1. Blondes are ice queens

Not always! In reality, it depends on the type of blonde you go for. Yes, platinum, ice, beige or ash blonde can all give you an “icy” look. This is because these shades do not contain yellow or gold pigments. However, with golden, Californian or even strawberry blonde, “warmer” colours will not have the same effect.

2. Blonde always gives you a radiant complexion

No … The same goes for red, brunette or light brown shades poorly adapted to your complexion. Although golden blondes tend to warm up and illuminate the complexion to showcase your features, this isn’t necessarily the case for all blondes. Platinum often gives skin prone to reddening a grey complexion and ash can make dark skin tones look dull.

3. It is a widespread hair colour

Yes and no. It is true that on a daily basis you come across lots of women with golden blonde hair. However, in reality, most blondes are not natural and are created by opting for colouring treatments.

4. A natural blonde does not require specific treatments

False! Even if you were born with blonde hair, this does not mean your locks do not require targeted treatments. Naturally finer than brown shades, blonde hair is also much more fragile, hence the importance of the right treatment for blonde locks. You should also remember to revive the varying tones of your blonde colour so it stays vibrant and radiant.

5. It is harder to go blonde than brunette

Technically, true. Generally, it’s easier to make your hair darker than lighter. However, the process depends on your base colour: with a light brown, you will have no difficulty going blonde. Aesthetically, however, we often think it is easier to go blonde or at least to lighten your hair, whether it be with highlights or full coverage colouring.

6. Blonde colouring treatments are harder to maintain than others

True. Although all coloured hair requires regular targeted treatments, artificial blonde has specific needs as your hair is more sensitive with this type of colouring. This is due to it going through a bleaching phase, unlike other colouring treatments. As a result, it requires highly nourishing, but also anti-yellowing treatments, to neutralise yellow-orange tones that light locks tend to develop.

7. Blondes go grey later than brunettes

False. Whether salt and pepper locks appear earlier or later does not at all depend on your base colour. However, it is true the first grey hairs are noticeable much later in blonde hair as they blend into the light base colour.

8. All babies are born with blonde hair

False! Although this is a common preconceived idea, at birth, children can have blonde or brown hair. The colour evolves as they get older in both cases, either by getting darker or lighter.

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