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In fact, not all blondes are ice queens!
In fact, not all blondes are ice queens!
In fact, not all blondes are ice queens!
Blonde hair

Fun facts: all blondes are ice queens!


Every month, we debunk a hair-related misconception. After looking at how short haircuts aren't feminine, we took a closer look to see if all blondes are Hitchcock-inspired beauties.


To consider all blondes to be ice queens is to confine oneself to the vision Alfred Hitchcock had of his heroines. Women with an incredible physique, icy, almost unobtainable... Like Grace Kelly who played the starring role in Dial M for Murder, which came out in 1954. Yet, some blondes stood out and broke away from this chilling image. It just so happens that another actress caused quite a sensation in 1954. In her own way, she completely debunked this label of all blondes having a cold exterior. Right in the middle of filming The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe stood over a subway grate. Her dress blew up and the photographers were not going to miss a thing. Neither were the 2000 people watching from behind the security barriers. A scene filmed 14 times, a legendary dress (sold for just under 5 million dollars in 2011) and a sexy platinum blonde who dared to let herself go. So ladies, if you are still not sure about going blonde, just think about Bardot's rock chick look or the sex appeal of Scarlett Johansson and we're sure you'll be ready to take the plunge.

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