Sun exposure: how to stop the yellowing effect on my blonde hair?

Because the sun and blonde do not make a great mix, we strongly advise that you establish a special summer beauty regime to stop your blonde hair from turning yellow.

Whether natural or bleached, blond hair is more vulnerable than other hair types to the sun. Why? It has a low melanin concentration, a dark pigment which absorbs UV rays. As a result, golden blonde tends to go dull, as well as turn yellow. Fortunately, this catastrophic situation can be resolved with a few minor steps.

Protect your hair against UV rays

As the sun is particularly harmful for blonde hair, solar protection UV treatments are your hair’s best allies. These act as a veritable shield to protect your locks against external damaging factors. Summer essentials are formulas which both protect and hydrate your hair, such as Jean Louis David’s Sun Therapy multi-purpose leave-in gel. To boost its effectiveness, finish off this routine by covering your head with a wide-brim hat , a cap or even a scarf, especially in areas where the sun is intense.

Hydrate, nourish and neutralise undesirable highlights

After a day of lazing about in the sun, blonde hair only requires one thing: to be pampered. Use hydrating and nourishing treatments to counteract the “straw” effect the sun can have on your hair, especially if it is bleached. Finally, as blonde hair can oxidise and turn yellow under the effect of UV rays, you can’t beat a purple shampoo, such as the one from the Go Blondie range, for neutralising these unwanted tones. Used once a week, this product is ideal for reviving your blonde hair’s radiant shine.

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