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How to protect your hair from the sun
How to protect your hair from the sun

How to protect your hair from the sun

Sun is great for your morale... and your hair! As long as you don't go overboard. Too much sun and the combination of sand and sea can be bad for your hair. Here's our advice for a sun-safe summer.
Allowing your hair to soak up some sun isn't a bad thing. Quite the opposite in fact! "The sun is the only thing that can naturally lighten your hair. And despite what people think, basking in the sun doesn't damage your hair or make it go dry." You just have to be careful not to get carried away, and use protection if you plan on being in the sun for a long or intense period of time.
Wearing a hat, head scarf or cap protects both your hair and your scalp. These hair accessories are the best form of sun protection. "If you have fragile hair or you happen to be in a very sunny region, use sun and hair products as well, especially if you're combining sun exposure with swimming in the sea or tanning on a sandy beach."
Choose your sun protection to suit your hair type. "If you have fine hair, it's best to opt for light sun lotions or sprays. If you have thick hair, use an anti-UV cream. This can weigh down fine hair but offers a perfect wet look for thick hair." The advantage of creams is that they are often nourishing. So you don't need to apply them too often. "Always make sure you spread the product evenly throughout your hair."
Our tip: If, on top of the sun, you've treated your hair to (a bit too much) sand and sea, make sure you take good care of it afterwards. "After a day on the beach, rinse and wash your hair using shampoo and other treatments." This will get rid of any products remaining on your hair and scalp. After all it's your scalp that bears the brunt of any sun exposure! "Choose shampoos and masks to suit your hair type."
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