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Summer hair: protecting your hair from the sun
Summer hair: protecting your hair from the sun
Hair care

Summer hair: protecting your hair from the sun

Just like your skin, your hair needs to be protected from the sun. When your hair is exposed to it, it ends up dry and dehydrated, and this damage is caused primarily by a combination of UV rays, sea water and chlorine from swimming pools. To avoid this, these products will help to give your hair a boost, leaving it silky and sublime.
Products which protect. Put your Monoi away, and opt for protective oils, creams, gels or serums. The most used and loved product is hair oil, as it protects and hydrates your hair to leave you with a sexy, wet-look. However, if you have short hair, a gel will be better suited to you than oil. The same goes for cream if you have thick hair, otherwise a bottle of oil will only last you one or two days! Serums are good for really dry and thick hair, as just a few drops will be enough to nourish it completely. What is crucial is that you only use one product, and that you keep it handy throughout the summer.     
Applying your product. Coat your hair with the product you have chosen every morning before going out in the sun or going swimming. Remember to put it in your beach bag, as even if you are using a waterproof product, additional applications will still be necessary throughout the day. Make sure you also take a wide toothed comb (or an air filled brush for long and thick hair) to evenly spread the oil, cream, gel or serum.
After-sun care. After a day at the beach or pool, it is absolutely essential that you wash your hair! Only use a shampoo which is tailored to your hair type to ensure that it leaves it protected and hydrated. If you have applied a lot of oil to your hair, rinsing it out will be a bit tricky. To solve this problem, mix some shampoo and some drops of water in your hand, and lather this onto dry hair, which will make rinsing out the oil much easier. Once your hair is clean, finish with a hair care product and leave on for about ten minutes.
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