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Hair care

Why use purple shampoo?

Whether natural or coloured, does your fair hair tend to yellow or lose its shine? If so, try out purple shampoo!

Your hair colour can catch you by surprise by suddenly turning yellow! However, with the purple pigments (or “optical brighteners”) contained in this hair treatment, it is possible to counteract the undesirable yellow highlights which can become embedded in blond, white or grey hair. This unfortunate effect affects fair hair (natural or bleached), due to its weak pigmentation. When faced with external damaging factors such as pollution, prolonged contact with salt or chlorinated water or successive blow drying, the hair tarnishes and the yellow pigments in the hair fibre become more visible. Purple shampoo allows you to prevent or neutralise these highlights.

How do I choose a purple shampoo?

By the intensity of the colour. The stronger and deeper the colour of the product, the more powerful its corrective effects will be. To prevent or remove slight yellowing, go for a mauve-coloured product. To get rid of yellowing which has already set in, opt for a darker shade.

How do I apply the product?

Lather one to two squirts of the product into the length of your hair and wait for a few minutes before rinsing so the shampoo has time to react.

How often should I use purple shampoo?

Once every fortnight for average light blond hair, or once a week if your hair is platinum, ice blond or white. More than that and you risk drying out your locks. If your hair has been weakened, finish off your regime with a nourishing mask and hair oil to repair the hair fibre, as this product can weaken your hair even more.

And if my locks are already very yellow?

If applying purple shampoo is not enough, visit your salon for a “cleansing” treatment to remove any unsightly yellow highlights.

If you have fair hair or if you have noticed a few yellowing strands, now you know what to do to restore your vibrant and radiant colour!

This article inspired you?

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