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Who can wear the new Jean Louis David bowl cut?
Who can wear the new Jean Louis David bowl cut?
Who can wear the new Jean Louis David bowl cut?
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Who can wear the new Jean Louis David bowl cut?

The bowl cut is a real must-have for autumn-winter 2014-2015 at Jean Louis David. Perfect for women who like to wear their hair short whilst still being able to style their locks in several different ways, the pros tell us why we should all give the bowl cut a go this year.
The top look at Jean Louis David this season isn’t your standard bowl cut. ‘Here, you can change the effect depending on your individual mood. The upper section is slightly longer than the lower layers, meaning it’s much easier to sweep your hair backwards, for example, to the front, or even to one side. The structure of this cut makes it oh-so versatile’.
The inspiration behind this style comes from London during the swinging 60s. ‘Think Twiggy during the 60s. This is what prompted us to make the bowl cut our stand-out cut for 2014-2015. Turn heads with your new style by opting for an intense color’.
Copper is big news this season. ‘It was the obvious choice for this versatile bowl cut. In fact, the structured nature of this style shows off your color beautifully, meaning you can carry a stronger color than usual. A strong cut combined with vibrant color is a match made in heaven for women who want to get noticed out and about’.
Bear in mind that you’ll need a fairly light base in order to achieve such a vibrant shade. ‘Similar to painting a dark room, you’ll need to lighten your base color before applying your copper tone to really get your desired shade perfect. A light base will give you that strong color’.
Our advice: This style is ideal for women with thick hair. Its layers will reduce bulk whilst creating volume. Don’t think that you can’t create this look if you don’t have thick hair, however. For best end-results, use Perfect Liss before styling, then finish with Shine Spray for a glossy sheen.
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