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Jean Louis David's Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 collection

Can you feel it ?
The singsong language, the warm sun, the indulgent food and a resolutely assertive femininity.

The dolce vita, fellini icons and reinvented classics.
This season, Jean Louis David is inspired by italy and its independent women.
A dream of another world with a vintage touch, for hair looking for new ideas.
Retro finger waves, androgynous hairstyles and 70's shag : we have a range of options adapted to each individual's hair.

Follow us through the streets of rome, as autumn promises to be splendido!

The looks of the collection

The backstages of the collection

The word of the Expert

« We have always focused on the woman more than the hair and that’s what we see in this collection – it really puts the woman at the centre. We have taken hairstyles from different decades and revisited them with attitude, because Jean Louis David style is androgynous, sexy, sophisticated and sometimes a little provocative.  »

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