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60 years of style

60 years of style

Jean Louis David's Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 collection

In 1961, Jean-Louis David came to Paris and opened his first hair salon on the prestigious Avenue de Wagram. Thus, the Jean Louis David brand was born. With this season's Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 Collection, Jean Louis David is celebrating "60 years of style"! The brand's style has always reflected the cosmopolitan women of Paris, the capital of fashion, where everything began for Jean Louis David, 60 years ago.

From the 1960s via the big hair of the 80s to the digital acceleration of trends and the power of social networks to bring people together, Jean Louis David has never ceased to be ahead of its time, to understand the expectations - the demands - of women. Somewhat androgynous, a little provocative, the Jean Louis David style is above all noticeable for a sense of movement and a fashion-forward boldness.

The looks of the collection

The looks in the Jean Louis David Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 Collection
Autumn-Winter collection
The looks in the Jean Louis David Autumn/Winter 2021-2022...

In late 2021, the Jean Louis David brand will celebrate its 60th birthday. Over the last 60 years the brand has seen almost every hair style imaginable. From the retro cuts of the 1960s to the big hair of the 1980s and then a return to more sober and natural effects in the last few years, there's been something for all tastes, and that remains,...

The backstages of the collection

The word of the Expert

« We have always focused on the woman more than the hair and that’s what we see in this collection – it really puts the woman at the centre. We have taken hairstyles from different decades and revisited them with attitude, because Jean Louis David style is androgynous, sexy, sophisticated and sometimes a little provocative.  »

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