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On-trend hair colours that you simply have to try this winter!
On-trend hair colours that you simply have to try this winter!

Which hair colour should you go for for winter 2018?

Maybe you want to change your look, but are unsure which hair colour to go for? Here are the most on-trend hair colours this winter!

Captivating red

After making a huge comeback several seasons ago, red hair is more on-trend than ever for the last few months of 2018. If you have not yet tried red, it is the perfect time to go for this flamboyant colour which was present at almost all of the autumn–winter 2018–2019 fashion shows. Understated strawberry blonde, vibrant Celtic red, dark auburn or mahogany with red highlights: red comes in an array of different shades to suit all women. However, the must-have shade of the season has to be copper red, which is both soft and intense.

Soft or radical blonde

Subtle or bold, warm or icy - fair hair is twice as nice this season! Opt for a natural look with a light-catching blonde enhanced with pretty gold or amber highlights. Alternatively, go for a radical white blonde or silver blonde in contrast with darker roots. It is down to you to choose the option that best suits your personality.

Brown with an array of shades

As for dark hair, the current trend uses subtle techniques which add depth to your locks. A subtle balayage bronzing-style will light up your hair with subtle caramel highlights to warm up your brown locks. A gloss effect which adds to your colour with pretty silvery highlights can create an iced brown look. Even copper highlights can be added for the most daring amongst us, for a perfect subtle alternative to block red hair.


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