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Grey hair: the next big thing?
Grey hair: the next big thing?
Grey hair: the next big thing?
Styles and trends

Grey hair: the next big thing?

Grey hair has been spotted being worn by it-girls all over the world for the last few months and now seems to be making the jump into mainstream hair color trends. Thanks to its exposure on the catwalks during last season’s Fashion Week, your grandmother’s hair shade is quickly becoming a must-have. Is this silvery hue here to stay? Let’s take a closer look.
The trend. Singers, actresses, models and designers have all given this look a go. Its shiny nature naturally reflects the light whilst defining your features and adding a rock-chic touch to any outfit! Although many tend to wear this as a block color, some are instead opting for grey highlights or sticking to coloring their mid-lengths and ends. This prevents your look from becoming dated and old-fashioned.
Who can wear grey hair? Shrinking violets need not apply! You’ll need bags of confidence to pull off this statement color and be prepared to look after it religiously. Keeping your grey shiny and radiant can be extremely difficult and takes a lot of time and commitment. You’ll need to be prepared to book into your salon almost every week to benefit from the Colour Therapy service which will add color pigments to your hair each time you visit.
How to get the perfect shade of grey. Don’t attempt this color at home! Make sure you book into your salon to see a professional colourist. Firstly, your stylist will need to strip your locks of any existing color. This can take a lengthy amount of time and can also damage the hair if done incorrectly. Next, you’re ready to color. Only your stylist will be able to mix the correct dose of color pigments to avoid your shade turning out green or a shade that is too dark. This combination of chemicals needs to be very precise in order to achieve that perfect shimmery hue of grey instead of a murky alternative.
Which hairstyle? Ideally, a structured cut will make the most of your new color. Why not try a bowl cut, curtain fringe or even soft waves to make your color more noticeable? One thing’s for sure…you’re not about to be ignored out and about any time soon!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO